120 Grit 8 holes Diamond disc / Diam-125 mm /Swiflex

120 Grit 8 holes Diamond disc / Diam-125 mm /Swiflex


The Swiflex flexible diamond pad is the ideal abrasive disc to sand fine microcement.

Heavy duty and thanks to the diamond particules, it gives a consistent cut and sanding which can't be compared with any other types of abrasives.

The disc has 8 holes to fit a festool or Mirka sander which makes your job absolutely dust free.

We are the only suppliers of 8 holes Swiflex diamond discs.

The Swiflex are less long lasting than the quadroflex with also finer particules of diamond but they are still lasting about 3 to 5 times longer than conventional abrasive pads.

The Swiflex diamond discs are ideal on fine microcement and gives a very nice consistent burnish.

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